BASE Entertainment includes one of the most experienced sales teams with comprehensive expertise spanning Group, Concierge, Wholesale, Broker and Timeshare sales in Las Vegas.


The Concierge Sales channel reaches Concierge phone rooms and ‘front of house’ desks that service & make recommendations to guests staying at local hotel properties in Las Vegas.


The Group Sales channel represents the MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention & Exhibitions) as well as the Leisure Sales Markets. 


Travel Trade/Wholesale FIT – this channel books frequent individual travel (FIT) through the travel trade market, wholesale and travel agents by preparing and releasing packages to the travel trade industry. With local knowledge of the industry unique to Las Vegas, we have already established trackable sales coming from the major Wholesale partners.  We have solid relationships through joint projects with the major product buyers.


This channel books show tickets in the form of prepaid (in bulk) Timeshare vouchers.  We establish & track sales coming from the major timeshare buyers who distribute these pre-paid vouchers as a value ads/sales tool to potential timeshare buyers.  We have solid relationships with the major timeshare buyers.


Retail & B2B FIT – this channel books frequent individual travel (FIT) through the travel trade market. We have solid relationships and a databank of industry norms to use when negotiating deal points with key contacts.


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