Summary of Services:

General Management
Company Management & Staffing
Marketing & Press
Accounting & Financial
B2B Sales & Operations

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General Management Services

  • Manage/facilitate all aspects of production and communicate/coordinate with producer
  • Set up and monitor box office sales, inventory and pricing
  • Negotiate and prepare all contracts for goods, services and facilities
  • Coordinate all logistical matters with all departments including subcontractors
  • Hire and manage staff (ongoing)
  • Supervise site and company management

Company Management & Staffing Services

  • Manage daily operations
  • Provide financial and accounting stewardship
  • Ensure adherence to all union agreements and company policy in all departments

Marketing & Press Services

  • Provide strategic direction and ongoing support for all marketing, media, promotional and PR initiatives from launch through the life of the show
  • Identify and secure new marketing and promotional opportunities for the project
  • Maintain on-property relationships
  • Manage marketing agencies
  • Manage press agencies

Accounting and Financial Services

  • Create investor reports
  • Create weekly profit/loss statements
  • Work with General Manager to facilitate all banking